360 Global Transportation’s adheres to value-base marketing in it conceptual outlook. The value -base benefits of the company it strives for consumers to acknowledge include that it provides reliable and timely freight Transportation for client who will appreciate courteous and efficient service at a affordable price 360 Global is very sensitive to the communication of what it is proposing to its customers as well as living up to the promise behind what it does. The company demonstrates that it backs up what it does with a 100% customer satisfaction attitude. Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.

1. Cost- Dedicated fleets can provide consistency and predictability of cost management and can help your company manage future increases and avoid market fluctuations. In the event that a Dedicated fleet can improve asset utilization, there may also be a reduction in cost. Likewise, managing service to your customers may prevent additional supplier costs such as delivery penalties, damage & cargo claims, missing paperwork, etc.360 Global  great service turns into additional profitable growth for your company.


2. Service-  Your company delivery services will be available in the OTR market. And  deliveries that   do require driver assist or unload can  benefit your company from multiple short haul deliveries per day (multi-stop, intra-city, port dray, regional area, etc). Also while benefiting from having the same, trained drivers on daily runs, minimized damage & claims, drivers in uniforms or even your logo on the trailer.


3. Capacity- With any seasonal or market-based OTR capacity issues and in a constrained  tight trucking market your company will gain a competitive advantage by ensuring or guaranteeing capacity for your customer deliveries.


4. Compatibility-  we will be offering  specific qualifications such as Haz-Mat, TWIC cards, Canadian legal, Heavy Haul certification, Doubles-Triples endorsements, etc. Special permits, receiving benefit from a lightweight equipment (day cab and lightweight trailer) solution or teams that will even go across the Mexican border on a dedicated run .


5. Market Timing/Product to Market-  were product line need to be in the marketplace at a specific time (ex. baked goods, JIT inventory, time-definite deliveries ,air-freight, seasonal merchandise,)